Friday, May 29, 2009

Bunny Munny Manifesto (or, what's this blog all about?)

My main objective for this blog is to share my suggestions and ideas on saving and spending in a way that maximizes fun and minimizes spending. Often, thriftiness is associated with denial; the presumption being that one must make do with less in order to be thrifty. It is my belief that one does not necessarily need to deny oneself in order to practice good spending and savings habits; but a bit more time may be required in order to minimize spending.

For me, finding bargains is fun. I love getting a good deal, and the knowledge that I got a great deal adds to my enjoyment of my purchase for the life of the item. There is definitely a thrill of the hunt for bargains.

However, the sole focus of this blog is not only hunting, but also gathering (or saving). I’m a very aggressive saver, and will also share my thoughts and strategies for saving.

Finally, I’m constantly learning from others, so I will also include links to Financial Advice / Makeover articles along with my own commentary on them.

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