Friday, May 29, 2009

Why the name Bunny Munny?

Bunny Munny is about my financial journey. I chose the word bunny because the bunny has always been my totem animal. A totem animal is an animal that a person identifies most strongly with and which has qualities with which the person identifies. For me, I admire the rabbit’s sense of bravery and strength despite adversity – rabbits have many predators and few natural defenses, so they need to rely on their senses and their bravery to dash across fields and to their warrens. This resonates strongly with me and my sense of adventure and my admiration of bravery.

In choosing a second word, I was looking for something financial to signify that this is a personal finance blog. While munny is a cute spelling that goes well with bunny, I've started differentiating between money and munny. As many economists will effectively argue, cash is just a medium for exchange. However, from personal experience, some cash transactions feel to me like a simple exchange, while others are charged with excitement and fun. When the simple cash transaction also gives me a dose of fun, I use the word munny. Throughout the blog, I will focus on spending and saving that is infused with a sense of fun, and will use the word munny to signify the thrill that is received along with the product, service, or savings.

And voila – here we have Bunny Munny.

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